Tube Variable S (µU) compressor


Züurich, Switzerland

Dan Suter, mastering engineer :

"...the varis arrived today, the unit works proper, i check now everything out, sounds great, specialy the pentode mode, feed back & feed forward are 2 great and usable sounds...”

“...the varis is great! i work mostly in pentode mode, feed forward & feed back are booth great!                      I think the varis has a really transparent path with not too much tube-taste, he give a slight "3D-aspect" and help also without much compression to clean out the bass-range and help in a very nice way to glue the music without loosing transparency. he ist not too soft, more savoury and very musical. i use him most in m/s without linking and most of the time with just 1-2 dB compression. he's not a "sweetener" like a tubetech, but he give a nice contrast and contur to the material. i like him also in feed forward-mode, specialy for groovy material...”

“...i like the sound of the path - in mastering with a few tube-units in the chain i'm happy that the varis didn't "smear" & stay always tight & clear. if i need more transformer-taste i just put my api 5500 or my dbx 160sl (jensen transformer) in the chain, if i wanna smooth out a bit the tubetech smc 2b is great, if i need a big sound the atomic squeeze box is unbeatable... but i use them mostafter the varis parallel. High quality tubes & transformer make 3D ;-)

bad tube & transformer make mud...

i checkes the triode mod a bit - you're right, helps to make stressful mixes easier to hear....”

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