Robert Babicz

Roesrath, Germany


             Robert, musician, producer, DJ:

“...VARIS is KING , no question.....”

“all i can say is that the varis is these days my main mastering comp.....!”

i love it !...”


Variable Mu compressor

H-PEH mastering

Hamburg, Germany

                 Hans-Phillip Graf, producer:

“...the VARIS arrived today and the first sound impression is amazing!!!!  Really great sound. Exactly what I was looking for! Will play around with it more and will let you know my thoughts when I know the unit a bit better. But for now: Dope!!! Well done :-)...”

“...I am still very satisfied with the sound! Very powerful, rich, open, 3d and it still keeps the punch...”

Variable Mu compressor


Los Angeles, USA

                     Eric Beam, musician...

Gearslutz post# 675>>>

VM-Tube, “software” VARIS, created on base of  real VARIS,  was grabbed as source of characteristics >>>

VM-Comp/Limiter - Variable MU Tube>>>                 Compressor/Limiter Nebula Programs

Acustica-Audio Forum thread>>>

“... Rhythminmind, out of interest have you ever heard a Thermionic Phoenix in comparison to the Varis?”

by rhythminmind:

“Yes before picking up the Varis I did a tube comp shootout between that, the Inward Connections Vac Rac TSL-3, ADL "something", Manley slam  & V-mu, & Pendulum.
I'd take them all if I could but the Varis had the best sound & feature set to my ears. Simple interface but unlocks all the features that most of the others force you to by  another model. Tube, sidechain, & feedback modes are all user  selectable. HCL is run by a great guys, customer service & workmanship pride will always win me over”.

Variable Mu compressor

Steps Music studio   & music production

Oslo, Norway

                           Atle, producer :

“...The new products look stunning. Hopefully I can afford some in the future ;-)...”

Tube Voice Station

Opto Tube Leveller

Rob De Simone

Gersthofen, Canada

                           Rob, producer:

“...I have been using the Solution S2 alot more as of late and i have really been enjoying the important things about this unit....THE SOUND  is GORGEOUS. I am loving it on Bass and Vocals...”

Opto Tube Leveller

Peter Koedoot,

Rotterdam, Netherlands

                             Peter, musician:

“...., just wanted to say I'm very happy with the S2. Here's a little video of my studio>>>>>.

I've also included a picture, sorry for the quality, I'm a musician not a photographer/filmmaker. ;-)......”

Opto Tube Leveller

Thorsten Ehmke

South Germany


Tube Voice Station

Jeremy McCann

Melrose, USA

Tube Condenser Microphone

Mic/Line Tube Preamp

Opto Tube Leveller

4ch. Tube Di-Box

Chuck James

Victoria, Australia

The summing mixer has arrived safely!!!

I have plugged it in and it is working great!Β  So far I have just run some stereo tracks through it and they sounds fantastic.Β  Spine tingling and musical!!!

I was running mastered 2 channel mixes into the external inputs and then sending the main outputs to my 2 Track Recorder (Either a Korg MR-2000S DSD Recorder or a Fostex DV-40 Master Recorder) and the split outputs  to my monitors.

The Reality does an amazing job or smoothing out and eliminating harshness in the high frequencies while toughening up  the low and mids.Β  It also seems to slow down transients creating greater depth and separation at all frequencies, generating an even more impressive stereo / phantom image.Β  Really breath taking!!!

My music / studio has slightly changed direction and I am now doing more 2 channel re-mastering work rather than multitrack music mixing!

I have sold my HCL Reality summing mixer to a friend (Rael Borg - Indented Records) who is doing heaps of multitrack music mixing!Β 

Passive Tube Summator


Martin Zobel

Altstadt, Germany

                         Martin, musician:

“...Now to the sound of little FATSO :-) AAAMMMAAAZING!!!Man, - you know, when I record my own stuff it is mostly roots reggae and acoustic. I used following vocal chain:

SE-Electronics Gemini -> UREI1176LN -> Pultec EQP-1A -> Apogee converters... I just sang along a new tune I am producing right now. After putting away the headphones and listened to my quick vocal takes,I couldn't believe it! Β For real - Β I COULDN'T f***in BELIEVE IT!! Β  :-). It sounded sooo sweet and full and yet close...all the harsh frequencies I used to experience before where sweetened out and gone! Harshness: 0%, Fatness: 200%.                                  I am totally blown away!!  And I love the fact that you can really kind of design the sound  ith the input and ouptut gain, because they seem to feature different harmonics of the signal - absolutely great! And I tried bass through the Hi-Z-Input: Behind the affinity I placed the pultec in the chain...man I AM IN LOVE!!...”

Mic/Line Tube Preamp

Irievibration Records


Markus Lechleitner

Wien, Austria

                         Markus, musician:

“...i tested it on vocals and my fender rhodes! just one thing to say: it sounds great! to the rhodes it gave a very warm deepness and shaped the sound the way i really like it! vocals: first i needed some time find a good combination between my tube compressor and the affinity, but i really liked the first resultes! i still have to take some more time to check it with diffrent instruments, mics and stuff! just one thing to say: you do a great job and you will hear from me ordering some more of your stuff... i am thinking of the HCL Solution Leveler to order next time ;-) ! i am also interested in the faust mic but i would have to try it first before i buy it!...”

“...i am back from jamaica and did have a recoding session were i used the affinity! i did records a deep male voice + acoustic guitar...
i did use the affinity for both (vocals & guitar)... i really love how the affintiy work! aspecialy on the deep male vocals it sounds great!!! i am really satisfied with the preamp! big work from u guy's!!!

next year i gonna go for the leveler so prepare for that ;-)...”

Mic/Line Tube Preamp

Toth Balazs

Bagod, Hungary

                             Baly, musician:

“...Just after the first tesdrive with Affinity ...

I can tell you I AM REALLY IMPRESSED !!! Tried it on BASS guitar (DI-e), and electric guitar ( both DI-d, and through a MESA Boogie Triaxis preamp ) and we just finished the VOCAL recording session I wrote you earlier. It has such a full, natural, BIG sound, that I have never ever experienced with any of the preamps I tried ... It eats my Focusrite ISA ONE for breakfast ... which is a great unit BTW, put the affnity just plays in a different league ....
Thanks again. I am really very much interested in the Solution leveller.
Thanks again, and keep up the great work...”







Mic/Line Tube Preamp




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