Affinity a2 - is a classic mic/ins. preamplifier. In its foundation is a huge amount of experience accumulated in the course of numerous experiments with tubes and their operation modes, transformers, passive components, assembly topology, as well as the analysis of many similar and  famous old devices. The result is no non-linear distortion and warm, noble uncolored sound.

The front panel sports a 1/4 TRS Hi-Z instrument Input, which can be used simultaneously(and independently) with of the Mic/Line Low-Z input like an active mixer (the Hi-Z input uses a separate tube stage), the 10-step attenuator switch - Input Gain knob, the Phase 0/180 switch, +48V Phantom Power switch, the Low Cut (80Hz) switch, the back-lit level VU-meters.

The large VU-meters(the color of the back light is custom made to order!) measure the input signal level up to the Master Level pot. This provides a clear picture of the actual input level and helps avoid input clipping by selecting the necessary input level via Input Gain attenuator. At the same time the Master Level control allows to set the optimal output level to match the next device in the chain as well as output tube drive as well as to control drive degree of the  output tube.                 Controls use ultrahigh-quality pots, which do not contribute any noise to the signal and have a long service life.

The preamp is built on 4 Soviet military tubes - 2 dual triodes 6N3P (full analog of 6CC42/5670/6385 tubes) in the first cascade and 2 dual triodes 6N5P (closest analog of ECC88/E88CC/6D8J/CCa/6922 tubes) in the second/third cascades. Russian (Soviet) military tubes made at the Svetlana plant have high quality long-life cathodes and demonstrate outstanding linear characteristics. All tube cascades are pure Class A with no feedbacks and cathode followers.

The signal path is pure tube. There are no electrolytic capacitors - only high-ouality film capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are only used in the power chain. The high quality passive components - such as WIMA, Siemens, Neutrik - are used throughout.

All audio chains are built with high-quality shielded oxygen-free wire.

The Affinity has a transformer-based balanced Low-Z mic/line input, unbalanced Hi-Z instrumental input and balanced output(s). An exellent microphone input Cinemag shielded transformers have an impeccable reputation acquired after many years of service.

The preamp output is outfitted with powerful toroidal transformers, which can be subjected to any active load with no harm to the sound or matching with other devices. These are proprietary transformers with a Hi-Mu core made of rare materials allowing for a minimum number of the turns in transformer coils, which favorably affects the sound.

As input attenuators is used  high reliable ceramic switch with dual knife contacts covered by thick silver layer.

As a power transformer the Affinity uses either a toroidal transformer(the USA variant) or a conventional laminated military transformer - TAN. In order to minimize power net noise and hum the preamp  power circuit uses a stabilized DC voltage for plate and filament.

To eliminate ground loop hum the preamp assembly is completed with consideration for the topology of the given circuits. However there is a ground/lift switches on the rear panel, which connects or disconnects the ground pin of the output XLRs with the internal ground whenever necessary.

The rear panel houses 2 balanced Mic XLR inputs, 2 balanced XLR outputs (or dualoutputs as extraoption), +0dBu/+20dBu input Pad switches, Ground/ Lift switches (see above), IEC power socket, fuse.


Mic Input level,bal. Di-Input level,unbal.

fr.7,75mv/-40dBu fr.12mv/-36dBu

Line Input level,bal.

250mv/-10dBu max.

Output level,balanced

4,9V/+16dBu typ



Noise Floor Mic.Input


Noise Floor DI-Input


Mic/Line Input Impendance

1,5 kOhms


1 Mom

Output Impendace

can drive load =>1k

Frequency response, (+/-0,5dB)


THD+N(1Khz&+16dB)less than

1,0%,0,5% typ.




WxHxD:   19"x3,5"x12"   (occupies 2U)     Weight:   7,0 kg/15,43 lbs.

      Hear the device.

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