Solution s2 - is a two-channel leveling amplifier. Its design is based on the legendary model Teletronix LA-2A limiter, whose sound has been emulated by many high end audio designers.

Solution does not concede on quality, but has a more acceptable price. We have experimented extensively with tubes and optocouples to achieve euphonic results. Our devices possess very natural characteristics of compression with an absence of unpleasant nonlinear harmonic distortions. The front panel pots are: INPUT GAIN - gain control, PEAK REDUCTION–this controls threshold level, the RATIO pot is controls the amount of compression. True BYPASS switch connect/disconnect device into sound path (In/Bypass), and the LINK switch (optional) intended for running in stereo mode.  VU-Meters indicates compression degree, Low Cut/Full Range switch in side chain, ZERO ADJ trimmers which are intended for calibration of meters.

The side chain is built on a high-speed chip, that positively affects the speed of the compressor and as a whole and the character of its sound. Also, it would be desirable to note, that our devices do not paint a sound, the high fidelity of the compressors sound is indicative of its high quality signal path, which all of our products possess. The Solution S2 utilizes side chain with two types of slopes (deep/hard and limiting), and Type 1/2 switch for choosing compression mode (original LA2 used a photoluminescent element, very rare and highpriced).

The device is built on 4 Soviet military tubes - 2 singlel triodes 6S3P in the input  stage and 2 dual triodes 6N14P (analog of ECC84/6CW7/6L16) in the output stages. Soviet military tubes made at the Svetlana plant have high quality long-life cathodes and demonstrate outstanding linear characteristics. All stages are running in pure Class A with no feedbacks and cathode followers. Outputstage has 2 modes - pure A class or cascode AB driver(pure A class mode has a more soft sounding, cascode AB driver like that of an LA2). These modes can be chosen by the corresponding switch.

The signal path is pure tube. All audio chains are built with high-quality shielded oxygen-free wire.There are no electrolytic capacitors - only high quality  film capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are only used in the power chain. The high quality - such as WIMA, Siemens, Neutrik and miltary grade passive parts are used throughout. To eliminate ground loop hum the leveler assembly is completed with consideration for the topology of the given circuits.

The leveler has a transformer-based balanced inputs and  outputs. The device input and output is outfitted with powerful (10WA) toroidal transformers, which can be subjected to any active load with no harm to the sound or matching with other devices. These are proprietary transformers with a Hi-Mu core made of rare materials allowing for a minimum number of the turns in transformer coils, which favorably affects the sound.

In order to minimize power n mains noise and hum the leveler power circuit uses a stabilized DC voltage for plate and filament.

As a power transformer the Solution uses either a conventional laminated military transformer - TAN or toroidal transformer (the US version).

To eliminate ground loop hum the leveler assembly is completed with consideration for the topology of the given circuits. However there is a Ground/Lift switches on the rear panel, which connects or disconnects the ground pin of the output XLRs with the internal ground whenever necessary.

The rear panel houses balanced  XLR Inputs and Outputs (or dualoutputs as extraoption), Ground/Lift switches (see above), IEC power socket, fuse.

Colour coded set for multichannel applications.


Input level,balanced


Output level,balanced


Gain reduction

up 30 dB

Threshold level

from -30dB

Attack Time

Hard-5msec         Soft-150-170msec

Release Time

Hard-10msec  Soft-60msec.for 50%rel.0,5sec. for full release

Noise Floor


Input  Impendance Output Impendance

10k                can drive load =>1k

Frequency response,(+/-1,0dB)


THD+N(1Khz@16dBu)less than

1,2%, 0,5% typ.




WxHxD:   19"x3,5"x12"   (occupies 2U) Weight:   8.0 kg/17,64 lbs.

      Hear the device.

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