Have you ever noticed how different – better – anything hand-made feels compared to something mass-produced? Not that mass-produced stuff is necessarily bad. But no matter how nice a suit of the rack may be, it will never feel the way a tailored suit feels – like your second skin. And no matter how shiny a stamped samurai sword bought in your local Chinatown is, it will never come close to being the deadly piece of art that is a real hand-forged weapon. And while your Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang is a solidly built vehicle (and compliments your mullet), it will never equal in performance to a hand-built racecar...                                     

Hand Crafted Laboratories (HCL) is a manufacturer of high quality tube audio products for the modern studio. As the name suggests all of our units are handcrafted.Our entire line is meticulously hand crafted by a group of dedicated sound engineers using pure hand-craft methods of manufacturing - applied knowledge, a line of technologies and components, which we had acquired from the former Soviet military-industrial complex. An almost fanatic attention to detail and the highest standards of craftsmanship go into each and every piece of equipment we produce. Each piece of our audio gear is designed first and foremost as a musical instrument. We use military grade components, to ensure a long life and the ultimate in audiophile sound quality. After a painstaking manufacturing process all our products are rigorously tested and worn in for one whole week under real world conditions...                                                   Our initial run of products has received excellent reviews not only in our home of the Ukraine, but also in studios of Europe and the USA. Users report fantastic build quality and an exceptionally low noise floor combined with the euphonic warmth of classic tube gear.                              Take your time to look at our product line and see what we offer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for - you can make a right choice at last (we will even custom manufacture an item to your specifications)- and to feel a difference - feeling of Hand Crafted Labs.

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Rewiew “VARIS” Variable S (Mu) compressor, Bimmelim Soundlabs, Aarhus, Denmark

Rewiew “Oz” passive equalizer,  tester Karlheintz Bonat, Bregenz, Austria

Rewiew “VARIS” Variable S (Mu) compressor, tester Adrian Fluck, Bern, Switzerland

Rewiew “VARIS” Variable S (Mu) compressor, tester Devin Powers, Los  Angeles, USA

Rewiew “VARIS” Variable S (Mu) compressor, tester Barry Gardner, London, UK

Rewiew “T-Eight” 8 ch preamp, testers Steve Wood, soundproducer, Nate Wood, musician,  Los Angeles/New Yourk, USA

Rewiew “VARIS” Variable S (Mu) compressor, tester Karlheinz Bonat, Bregenz, Austria         NEW FILES WERE ADDED!!

Rewiew “VARIS” Variable S (Mu) compressor, tester Dan Suter, mastering engineer, ECHOCHAMBER Züurich, Switzerland

Rewiew “Faust f2” mic, “Affinity a2” preamp, “Solution s2” leveler, tester Johannes Feige, Berlin, Germany

Rewiew “Solution s2” leveler,                    tester Brett Chassen, Drums/Production/Mixing/ Engineering/Background vocals, Office Studios, Los Angeles, USA                          

Rewiew “VARIS” Variable S (Mu) compressor, tester Yuriy Smalius,Chief Engineer, Britrecords Kiev, Ukraine                         

Rewiew “Tubescream” Distorion Box,        tester Yuriy Smalius, Chief Engineer, Britrecords Kiev, Ukraine                         

Rewiew “Tubescream” Distorion Box,        tester Roman Polonsky, singer, songwriter,  Kiev, Ukraine

Rewiew “FAUST” Mic, ”Affinity a2” preamp,   tester Lorenz Schaller, producer, SoundPro, Kehrsatz, Switzerland

Rewiew “Solution s2” Leveler, “Velvet” Channel strip,                                                       tester Carlos Ortigosa, soundengineer,           Musicrooms, Valencia, Spain

Rewiew “Reality PS” Summing Mixer,              tester Julien Besnault, soundproducer                  Puteaux, France                         

Rewiew “FAUST” Mic, ”Velvet” channel strip,  tester Jonthan Miller, producer, DAWG Records, Hertford, UK

Rewiew “Solution s2” Leveler, FAUST” Mic comparison with U47/U67/Elam 251/C800G         tester Oscar Ramirez, engineering, mixing, Royalzentertainment, Los Angeles, USA

Rewiew “Affinity a2” Preamp,                   tester Alessandro Panella, producer, Ziogiorgio.co.uk, Italy

Review (audio)FAUST” Mic+”Affinity a2” preamp, tester Mats Takila, producer/ studioowner,”StudioInit”,Helsinki/Finland

Review(audio),FAUST” Mic, “Affinity Preamp, “Solution Leveler,tester Drago Baotic, guitarplayer/songwriter, Berlin/Germany

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Microphones shootout FAUST/U87/M147 /SM69

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