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TubeSCreaM - The unit consists of a preamp, an optical leveler and a distortion stage. The TubeSCreaM was built on the same concepts as our Affinity preamp and Solution leveler, which have gained an excellent reputation over several years.

The distortion stage based on triode/pentode which able to saturate sound spectrum by even or odd harmonics respectively at achieving some distortion level.

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Simplified diagram for more clearance.

The signal path is pure tube. There are no electrolytic capacitors - only high-ouality film capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are only used in the power chains. The high quality passive components - a soviet military grade and such as WIMA, Siemens, Neutrik - are used throughout.

All the device outputs are outfitted with powerful toroidal transformers, which can be subjected to any active load with no harm to the sound or matching with other devices. These are proprietary transformers with a Hi-Mu core made of rare materials allowing for a minimum number of the turns in transformer coils, which favorably affects the sound.

The device uses point-to-point wiring on metal chassis,  with no PCB in tube chains/singal parh.

A very reliable multipattern switch, on ceramic base with uninterrupted  dual knife contacts coated by   thick silver covering is used as an input attenuator.

As a power transformer the TubeSCream uses either a toroidal transformer. In order to minimize power net noise and hum the preamp power circuit uses a stabilized DC voltage for plate and filament.

The rear panel houses balanced Mic  Input, balanced output directly from Preamp (also how Insert Send), balanced Line Input (also how Insert Return), 2 main balanced outputs, Ground/Lift switches, IEC power socket, fuse.

To eliminate ground loop hum the preamp assembly is completed with consideration for the topology of the given circuits. The housing is not connected to the ground of the circuit. However there is a ground/lift switches on the rear panel, which connects or disconnects the housing with the internal ground whenever necessary.



Mic Inp. sensitivity, balanced


Di-inp. sensitivity, unbalaanced


Line Input level, balanced


Output level, balanced


Mic Input Imp.   DI-Input Imp.

   10Kohm/600ohm      1Mom

Gain up


Noice floor


Frequency response,(+/-1,0dB)


THD+N(1Khz@16dBu)less than

   1,2%, 0,5%         typ.

             Opto Leveler

Gain Reduction

  up 30 dB

Threshold level

  from -30dB

Attack Time

  Hard-5msec                             Soft-150-170msec

Release Time

  Hard-10msec        Soft-60msec.for    50%rel.0,5sec.     for full release



 > 50%


   230-240V/120V      50-60Hz,30WA


WxHxD:   19"x5,2"x12"   (occupies 3U);  Weight:   9.2 kg/20,3 lbs.

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