Possessed p2 - is all tube, active  4 ch. direct  box. Device which is intended for gain up/warming up of bass/guitars/piezo, keyboards and other line/ instrumental signals, useful for  both  stage/studio.

The front panel houses 4 TRS unbalanced Inputs, Input Gain Pots, -10dBu Pad switches, Power On/Off switch (with power  indication) as well.

Di-Box can be  optimized for line or instrumental signal, in any combination - 1,2 input - for line signal/Low-Z input, 3,4 - for instrumental signal/Hi-Z input, for example. Each channel has Input Gain Pot and -10dbu Pad switch which allow you to choose the level and gain of input signals. Controls use hermetically sealed military pots, which do not contribute any noise to the signal and have a long service life.

The di-box is built on 4 Soviet military tubes - triodes 6N23P (full analog of ECC88/E88CC/6D8J/CCa/6922 tubes). Russian (Soviet) military tubes made at the Svetlana plant have high quality long-life cathodes and demonstrate outstanding linear characteristics. All tube cascades are pure Class A with no feedbacks and cathode followers. The signal path is pure tube. All audio chains are built with high-quality shielded oxygen-free wire. There are no electrolytic capacitors - only high quality film capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are only used in the power chain. The high quality passive components are used throughout.

The device has four balanced transformer XLR outputs. The output is outfitted with powerful toroidal transformers, which can be subjected to any active load with no harm to the sound or matching with other devices. These are proprietary transformers with a Hi-Mu core made of rare materials allowing for a minimum number of the turns in transformer coils, which favorably affects the sound.

To eliminate ground loop hum the device assembly is completed with consideration for the topology of the given circuits. The housing is not connected to the ground of the circuit. However there is a ground/lift switch on the rear panel, which connects or disconnects the housing with the internal ground whenever necessary.

As a power transformer the Possessed uses either a toroidal transformer (the USA variant) or a conventional laminated military transformer - TAN. In order to minimize power net noise and hum the di-box power circuit uses a stabilized DC voltage for plate and filament.

The rear panel houses 4 balanced  XLR Outputs, Ground/ Lift switches (see above), IEC power socket, fuse.


Input level,unbal. (combination Low-Z+Hi-Z inputs)

fr.-30dBu/Low-Z, fr.12mv/-36dBu/Hi-Z (upon order)

Output level,balanced


Gain up

40db/60db on order

Hi-Z Noise


Low-Z Noise


Low-Z InputImpendance

10 KOhms

Hi-Z Input Impendance

1 Mom

Output Impendace

can drive load =>1k

Frequency response, (+/-0,5dB)


THD+N(1Khz@16dBu)less than

1,0%; 0,5% typ.




WxHxD:   19"x3,5"x8"  (occupies 2U); Weight:   6,5 kg/14,33 lbs.




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