Mirror is a microphone/line  level amplifier with    all balanced sound path, with high headroom & overloading capacity at low noise floor.

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The Mirror has a transformer-based balanced Low-Z mic/line input and balanced  outputs. An exellent microphone input Cinemag or Jensen shielded transformers have an impeccable reputation acquired after many years of service.

The signal path is pure tube. There are no electrolytic capacitors - only high-ouality film capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are only used in the power chain. The high quality passive components are used throughout.

All audio chains are built with high-quality shielded oxygen-free wire.

As input attenuators is used  high reliable ceramic switch with dual knife contacts covered by thick silver layer.

As a power transformer the Mirror uses either a toroidal transformer. In order to minimize power net noise and hum the preamp power circuit uses a stabilized DC voltage for plate and filament.

The rear panel houses 2 balanced Mic/Line XLR inputs, 2 balanced XLR outputs (or dualoutputs as extraoption), Ground/ Lift switches, IEC power socket, fuse.

To eliminate ground loop hum the preamp assembly is completed with consideration for the topology of the given circuits. However there is a ground/lift switches on the rear panel, which connects or disconnects the ground pin of the output XLRs with the internal ground whenever necessary.


Mic Input level,bal.

fr. -60dBu

Line Input level,bal.

+26dBu max.

Output level,balanced

up to +30dBu


up to 60dB

Noise Floor Mic.Input

> -85dB

Mic/Line Input Impendance


Output Impendace

can drive load > 500 Ohm

Frequency response, (+/-0,5dB)


THD+N(1Khz&+16dB)less than

0,5% typ, 2% at +26dB




WxHxD:   19"x5,2"x12"   (occupies 3U);  Weight:   8,5 kg/18,74 lbs.

Without Mirror

Drums 1


Drums 2


Voice 1(Rap U47)


Voice 2 (Faust mic)


Bass guitar


Acoustic guitar (Guild D4)


MP3 version

Acoustic guitar (Guild D4)


With Mirror




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